2020-21 Season Registration Form

Season Registration Fee
This one time fee that registers the skaters with Learn to Skate USA/The Skating Club of Saugerties for the 2020-21 season.

Classes Mondays 5:00-6:00pm
Each session is 6 weeks long. The last class in each session will include an evaluation and each skater will receive a Certificate of Achievement. There will be 30 mins of lesson time and 30 mins of supervised practice time

Basic Skills Classes
sThese classes are for the beginner skaters with some skating experience. They will work on basic skating techniques, spins, & hops. The Skating level is Learn to Skate USA Basic 1-Basic 6.

Aspire Program Classes
These classes are for skaters who are starting to work on 1 foot spins & beginning jumps through advanced spins & Axel jump. The focus of these classes is to build a strong skating foundation so that a skater can easily transition to different disciplines & higher levels of skating within USFSA . The Aspire Program levels are Learn to Skate USA Basic 4-Freeskate 6.

Adult/Teen Classes
For anyone 16 and up who would like to learn how to skate, coming back to skating, or who wants to improve their skills

The Kiwanis Ice Arena will not be offering any rental skates at this time. If you do not own skates, in good condition, we are able to offer skates to purchase for the discounted rate of $65.00

Skater's NameDateOfBirth
Guardian's NamePhone Number
EmailShoe size (if getting skates)
Session 1October 5 2020- November 9, 2020 $125.00
Session 2November 16 2020- December 21 2020 $125.00
Session 3January 4 2020- February 8 2021 $125.00
Session 4February 15 2020- March 22 2021 $125.00
Session 5March 29 2020 – May 3 2021 $125.00

There will be a $20 registration fee.

Waiver of Liability
In consideration of my son/daughter participating in The Skating Club of Saugerties “Learn to Skate Program” I hereby covenant & agree with the skating Club of Saugerties, Kiwanis Ice Arena, & their owners, officers, agents, instructors, employees, volunteers, and all persons engaged as administrators in any programs in which i/he/she may be a participant, to indemnify and hold harmless each and everyone of them from and against all claims, liability, loss cost, damages, & expenses which may arise out of or in connection with the use by me/him/her of such facilities. Including without limitations, all claims I/he/she might have for personal injury or property damage to him/her or so arising. I understand that skating is a participation sport and I am fully aware of the risk of serious bodily injury and hazards in or arising all such risks and assume responsibility for losses, costs, and damages I and/or my minor child incur as a result of participation in the activity. I understand that I must carry and maintain my own personal medical insurance throughout the time of participation. I also give my consent to receive first aid and emergency transport to the nearest medical facility. I acknowledge I have read the release & waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity and I fully understand.

Photo/Video Waiver
Permission is granted for photographs and videos of me, my child, and family members to be takes and released for The Skating Club of Saugerties publications (brochures, flyers, posters, ect) on website, facebook page, instagram, and Youtube; and television studios, newspapers, and magazines.

I Agree to Waiver of Liability

I Agree to Photo/Video Waiver

Covid-19 Waiver and Rink Rules
The Skating Club of Saugerties/ Skating Academy & The Kiwanis Ice Arena are following CDC and US Figure Skating Guidelines for Covid-19.

Please read the Kiwanis Ice Arena’s rink rules on their website kiwanisicearena.com. You will need to fill out their questionnaire form before EVERY session. We ask that if you are exceriencing any of the symptoms related to Covid-19 that you text or email Amber at 845-389-1848 or amberlynnskates@gmail.com to let her know that you will not be attending. We will have make-up days for any classes you missed.

General Information/Policies

  • There are no refunds for missed days; however consideration for a refund will be given for extenuating circumstances or medical issues.
  • The Skating Club of Saugerties reserves the right to cancel series if there are fewer than 10 skaters registered. In the event that a series is canceled, students will receive a full refund equal to the amount that has been paid. Inclement Weather/Class Cancellations: All Class cancellations will be posted on Facebook& Club website at least 2 hours before class time. You can also email Amber: amberlynnskates@gmail.com


  • The rink is cold inside, we recommend hat/helmet,gloves,& coat. Skaters should wear clothes that they are able to move and stretch in comfortably.
  • At this time masks must be worn by skaters, coaches, & spectators when inside the Ice Arena.
  • Helmets are required for skaters under the age of 6 & are highly recommended for all beginner skaters.
Skaters should have a parent or guardian present at the ice arena while classes are held. Only 1 spectator per skater is allowed inside the building at this time.